We live in a culture that is dominated by media driven communication. You have a message that’s worth hearing but do you have the right media to reach your world? The demand for customized church graphics is on the rise because most churches have realized that just quoting a scripture or posting a picture of your church might not get the job done. Compare the two images below:



Before Using Church Graphics

It is important to ensure any graphic resources you download are truly free before you use them. Even if you are purchasing graphics, check the license to ensure you’re free to use them however you see fit, including modifying them.

Sometimes, even if the graphic is free or you’ve purchased it, there are still some restrictions. For instance, you may be able to use a graphics pack for a sermon, but not on your church’s website. Whether you use the resources below or opt for another source, always check licensing requirements before using the graphics you download.


At the time of writing, CreationSwap had over 3,900 free church graphics available. You can search by keyword, holiday or just look for the newest uploads.

It’s easy to get lost scrolling through all the various options, but you’ll definitely find something for your church here. Just make sure the Free box is checked while you’re searching to limit your options to just their free resources.


Church Media Drop

Many free graphics sites don’t have many graphics geared towards churches, but Church Media Drop offers free church graphics for churches, by churches. The site even has tutorials to help you create better presentations and learn how to use the graphics.

Have a talented creative team at your church? Add your own church graphics to the mix to help out fellow churches. Don’t worry, you don’t have to add anything to enjoy the free graphics.

NLC Creative

New Life Church’s creative team decided to spread the wealth by offering free church graphics they’ve created. They have a variety of unique graphics you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll quickly find great images for worship, sermon series and your church website. Plus, you can even request graphics, though this may result in a fee. However, it’s hard to deny how talented their team is when you see the free graphics.

Life.Church Open Network

One of the great things about Life.Church Open Network is they offer more than just free graphics for your church. The site currently boasts 50,000 free resources to help your church grow and thrive.

Access free church graphics, sermons, worship songs, kids’ lessons, apps and more. All you have to do is join the site, which is free to do. With such a wealth of ministry resources, it’s well worth getting a few extra emails. Plus, you’ll save time by using the free resources and building upon them.


CMG Create

CMG Create, provided by Church Motion Graphics, offers a wide variety of stills that are perfect for sermon backgrounds. Many of the graphics, especially the stills, are free. New freebies are added regularly. The good thing is these come from premium packages, making them perfect for your church without having a high price tag.

However, if you’re looking for motion graphics or something even better, CMG Create does offer premium graphics and graphics packages starting at $19 per month. This is ideal if you need templates or matching sets of graphics and don’t want to search for everything individually. Unlimited access starts at $249 per year.


One Church Resource

One Church Resource offers a variety of graphics series packs and templates for you to use in your own church programs. You’re welcome to edit them as you see fit to meet your own needs.

There is one thing to keep in mind. One Church Resource offers premium church graphics as well. These vary in price. If you want to skip the premium, jump straight to the free series packs and artwork/templates.

RiseUp Resources

RiseUp Resources has everything from sermon packs to countdown timers. Their goal is “to help your church rise to the next level,” hence the name. Everything on the site is free and you’ll find many high-end graphics to choose from.

Like many other free church graphics sites, RiseUp also accepts submissions. Don’t be afraid to share great graphics you’ve created yourself.


Seeds, by Church On The Move, has a well-organized collection of free graphics to meet nearly any church need. Graphics packs make it easy to get started with graphics for various ministry programs and holidays.

All resources are offered free of charge. Of course, you don’t have to just download series. You can also download individual images and even motion graphics to make your sermon stand out even more.


Elevation Church offers many of their custom created graphics to fellow churches for free. You’ll find numerous graphics series and packs to make it easier to get started. Most graphics are available individually too.

If you also use Life.Church, you might notice a few of the same graphics. This is because Elevation Church uploads some of their resources there too to reach a larger audience.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’re encouraged to contact their digital team. They may be able to help customize an existing graphic or create something new, however, this might not be free.


Open Resources

Open Resources offers a wide range of church resources for free, including free church graphics. You’ll find sermon audio, videos and graphics series. There is one small request – you’re only able to use the resources for non-commercial use and in a Christian way.

Of course, this won’t be a problem for most churches. The resources are posted like blogs in a Pinterest-style. You’ll definitely want to use the categories at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for quicker.

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